Michelle Fairholm at work in her studio

Wheel-thrown pottery by Michelle Fairholm

Working with clay is my happy place. Making pottery is meditative, energizing, challenging, relaxing, and honestly just plain fun because at the end of the day you're just playing with mud. My work is primarily wheel-thrown and decorated using a variety of different slips (liquid, colored clay) and glazes to create designs full of bold patterns and colors. Pottery is made to be held and touched and working with slip allows me to add both color and a variety of texture to pieces so they're as fun to hold as they are beautiful to look at.

Making pottery also allows me to connect with people through the clay and the finished pieces. I absolutely love that I am able to make beauty out of mud, creating forms using my own two hands, leaving behind marks in the soft mud that are then made permanent when the clay is fired into stoneware. I often imagine the people who will ultimately keep and use my pottery while I am working. When I pass pieces along to their new owners I truly feel that I'm giving them a part of me. I find so much joy in the making process and sincerely hope that you will experience this same joy while using the pieces I've made.


Michelle Fairholm at work in her studio

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